Customer service

  • Healthsparq Inc
  • Houston, TX
  • Sep 12, 2017
Full time Administrative Administrative Assistant Payroll Help Desk

Job Description

  1. compile, sort and verify the accuracy of data before it is entered
  2. Locate and correct data entry errors, or report them to supervisors
  3. Read source documents such as canceled checks, sales report, or bills, and enter data in specific data fields or onto tapes or disks for subsequent data entry using keyboards or scanners
  4. compare data with source documents, or re-enter data in verification format to detect errors
  5. maintain logs of activities and completed work
  6. load machines with required input or output media such as paper, cards, disks, tape or Braille media
  7. Resolve garbled or indecipherable messages, using cryptographic procedures and equipment
  8. select materials needed to complete work assignments
  9. Store completed documents in appropriate locations
  10. Maintains accurate records of all Receivables and Payable's, entering data of online sales, purchase, orders, bookings, number of goods sold, numbers remaining, etc, of customers in the US.Responsible for compiling amounts owed from purchase orders, charge slips, sales tickets etc.


Administrative Support, Data Entry-Order Processing, Office Management