• Polk County Fire Rescue
  • Bartow, FL, USA
  • Feb 16, 2018
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Job Description


(Fire Rescue) 

*** This position is covered by a collective bargaining agreement ***

** This position may require a physical ability/agility test** 

Must have the physical, developmental and mental ability to perform job tasks, work efforts, responsibilities and duties of the job illustrated below: 


Administrative and supervisory staff works under the direction of one or more chief officers. This position reports directly to the Fire Marshal. Responds to and assists in a wide range of emergency incident duties to include medical assistance, vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, residential and commercial fires, natural and man-made disasters. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, planning, directing, and coordinating fire and life safety inspections, firefighting, pre-fire planning, performing rescue, and dealing with other emergency work. Makes reports to the Fire Marshal and other management personnel. Must have a comprehensive knowledge of the terminology and various professional languages used within the department, and by customers as well as working in the prevention/inspection process. 


Assists in producing various reports as well as data collection, entry and analysis. Provides logistical and administrative support to the Division’s various sections as necessary. Duties may include but are not limited to supervision, fire prevention, training, logistical support, public education, assignment to various committees or working groups, and assisting with programs as requested. Acts in a higher rank and/or capacity on occasion. Conducts fire safety inspections of public facilities (i.e.: public assembly, educational, institutional, mercantile, business, industrial, manufacturing, storage and special hazardous structures). Performs state mandated inspections, performs stand by operations at events, and performs plans reviews when needed. Responds to complaints and ensures a descriptive summary report on conditions and findings regarding each case inspection. Performs employee evaluations. 

Meets with the public, engineers, contractors, developers and/or their representatives to review phases and types of building construction plans to ensure structures meet county, state and federal fire code and ordinance compliance standards. Provide excellent customer service to both internal and external customers. 

The physical demands consist of standing, walking, climbing, lifting objects weighing up to 20 pounds, driving, and sitting. Performs fire safety inspections of construction sites and advises customers on violations and corrective actions necessary for compliance with fire safety codes and fire protection engineering standards.

Determines that plans meet fire regulation compliance and authorizes the plans for permitting/inspection procedures. Discusses and/or refers unusual or arduous situations/plans to the Fire Marshal. Participates in the review of Planned Unit Development plans, building plans for new construction and major alterations of major structures in Development Review Committee process. 

Inspects for proper installation, operation and maintenance of fire detection equipment, alarms, annunciation, and fire sprinkler valve and fire pump operations. Checks fire extinguishers to insure they are placed in appropriate areas and are operationally serviced as required. Receives and performs inspection requests from citizens, state and local agencies (i.e.: HRS, Health Department, State Fire Marshal). Advises and/or assures that laws/Codes are conformed with or issues appropriate notifications. Prepares a descriptive summary report on conditions and findings regarding each case inspection. Works within the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Work involves an element of personal danger and may require working extended hours. 

Supervises Prevention Staff members and subordinates. Performs other related duties as required. 


Must have knowledge of fire ground tactics and strategies necessary to combat fire and a good working knowledge of rescue situations. Must have extensive knowledge of Florida Fire Prevention Code, Federal Regulations, Florida Administrative Code, local ordinances and laws.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of fire safety and inspection techniques. Knowledge of mechanical, chemical and related characteristics of a wide variety of flammable, explosive and similar properties. 

Must have the ability to plan and develop daily, short and long term goals. Must demonstrate above average oral and written communications abilities. Must know how to develop and make public presentations.

Must be able to work within and understand the chain of command structure. Must have considerable knowledge of the functions and interrelationships of Polk County, government agencies. 

Must be able to proficiently use computers and computer software related to the duties of this position including word processing software. Must have the ability to learn and utilize new skills, computer programs and information to improve job performance and efficiency.

Ability to recognize and define fire hazards and to recommend effective remedial measures. Ability to complete and/or write clear, concise and accurate descriptive reports. Ability to use good judgment in evaluating situations and making decisions. Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the public, officials and other employees. Ability and agility to perform inspections under a wide range of conditions. Ability to see, ambulate independently, drive, bend, stoop, sit, climb ladders and stand. Ability to perform research and recommend solutions. Ability to think and react calmly to emergency situations. 

Skills in understanding and/or influencing people when requiring owners and contractors to meet building codes for fire safety. 


Associates Degree in Fire Science, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Public Administration or related subject. Must have a minimum of five (5) years full-time experience in fire inspections. 

Must possess and maintain a valid State of Florida Firefighter Certificate of Compliance as outlined in FS 633. Must possess and maintain a valid Municipal Fire Safety Inspector II Certificate of Compliance issued by the Division of State Fire Marshal’s Office per State Statute 633.081. Must have and maintain Emergency Medical Technician or paramedic certification as issued by the State of Florida. Must meet the requirements outlined in current edition of NFPA 1031 Chapter 6 “Fire inspector III”. 

Must have a valid driver’s license or be able to secure a valid Florida driver’s license at the time of employment.

No comparable amount of training or experience may be substituted for the above minimum qualifications unless such an accepted equivalent is approved by the Polk County Fire Rescue Division.

Must have a telephone while employed with the Fire Rescue Division as employee is subject to being called in emergencies. 

Applicant/employee shall be fingerprinted and subject to personal background investigation procedures to ascertain an evaluation and determination of moral character. Applicant/employee must provide a pre-employment medical and physical examination which satisfies the minimum requirements prescribed by the Division of the State Fire Marshal of the Florida Department of Financial Services prior to initial employment as a firefighter.

No comparable certificates or licensors may be substituted for the above requirements unless such an accepted equivalent is approved by the Division of the State Fire Marshal Bureau of Standards and Training of Florida Department of Insurance and Polk County Fire Rescue Division. 

Employees hired by the Fire Rescue Division after January 1, 2013 must obtain Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Awareness certification through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Those obtaining this certification must maintain certification as a condition of employment. 

Persons in this job classification may be assigned to New Construction section or Existing occupancy section of the Fire Prevention Branch/Bureau. Persons in this position may be required to function in the Administrative position of the Fire Prevention Bureau. 


If the employee is not issued a county phone: Must have a cell phone while employed with the Fire Rescue Division as employee is subject to be called in emergencies and might occasionally be contacted for debriefings or for the agency to retrieve follow-up information. Must keep the phone turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and must answer all calls. Must promptly return any missed calls.

If the employee is issued a county phone: must keep the county-issued cell phone turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Must answer calls as employee is subject to be called in emergencies and might occasionally be contacted for debriefings or for the agency to retrieve follow-up information. Must promptly return any missed calls.

This position may be required to report for work when a declaration of emergency has been declared in Polk County. 


Supervisory experience preferred. 

A Bachelors degree or higher from a regionally accredited educational institution in a related field is preferred. 

Public-sector fire inspection experience from within the State of Florida is preferred.


Firefighting and Rescue


Minimum $56,264.00 - Maximum $85,009.60 Annually (Non-Exempt)

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