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  • Jun 21, 2024
Full time IT Manager Marketing Communications Software Engineer Developer Service Manager

Job Description

Dear Candidate,

We're contacting you in regards to your resume which has been reviewed by our acquisition team and you have been scheduled for an online interview with the Hiring Team.

You are receiving this email from a synnex recruiter. We are pleased to invite you for an online briefings/interview with Synnex Corporation.

We at TD SYNNEX are genuinely seeking and willing to train productive candidates who are ready and capable to handle the duties and responsibilities remotely for the available positions.


Compensation and Benefit Manager/Call Center Rep/ Book keeping /Insurance UNDERWRITERS / Data Analyst/ Quality Assurance/ Accounting Manager and Office Manager/Customer Service/Graphic designer/DATA ENTRY. Project manager.

Your skills and experience will be an ideal fit for the listed vacant positions above.

At Synnex… We are fanatical about our staff and are constantly helping them grow and achieve their career goals. We are a global workplace that offers you infinite possibilities!

Due to your resume details and work experience, the management has shortlisted you to be one of the eligible candidates.

* These positions are strictly online and remote.
* These are position where you can work from home or anywhere of your choice and anytime that does suit you.
* Work and training hours are flexible; you can work or train as a full-time or part-time employee.
* There is an organized training program for hired applicants.
*You will receive your pay per hour depending on the position which you will be handling.
* A paid training is guaranteed during your two weeks of training with us, training pay $25/hr.

The interview will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Once done installing teams on your device, Here is the Hiring personnel Team ID (, Input this email on the Team search bar and what will pop up is Bonnie K. Smith, the hiring personnel profile.

You can as well reach out on team by clicking this link, it will automatically connect you with the hiring personnel profile on teams.
Here is the link: (

via ZOOM
Download the app from your Google play or Apple Store or . Add the HR manager using his email address : ( How to send a message on Zoom Logon to your Zoom app Click on Contacts Click on the cross/plus sign beside Click on Add a contact Add the email: ( and send a message to her for the interview process. Your interview

Hiring Manager: Bonnie K. Smith

Best regards,


Elementary School, Corporate Finance, Credit Review-Analysis, Real Estate Leasing-Acquisition, Securities Analysis-Research, Tax Accounting


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