Meat Plant Cleaning and Cutting and Packing

  • Dry and Pack LLC
  • Lodi, OH 44254
  • Aug 18, 2021
Full time Food Service General Labor Maintenance Manufacturing Quality

Job Description

Dry and Pack LLC and Whitefeather Meats LLC (Home of the Bearded Butchers) are seeking laborers to work at Whitefeather Meats in Creston, OH and at Dry and Pack LLC in Lodi, OH.

Responsibilities include:

1) Cutting, seasoning, grinding, and cooking meat (beef, poultry, pork, bison, venison, etc).

Handling of the meat is under USDA inspection and the official hours between which we can work under USDA inspection are Monday - Friday 6am-2:30pm

2) Cleaning the machines. This is all based on our processes and must be done very well so as to avoid any reports by our USDA inspector.

* 3) Packaging meat. This is the least physically demanding and the most important position we are looking for. Candidates will be able to sit to pack jerky and meat sticks in bags. The only hard and firm rule is that the amount in the bag must be as close to the stated amount on the label as possible (usually 3oz).

Most meat that is packaged is cooked and shelf stable, but some may be raw.

- It's likely that the hires for these positions will do one or more of these tasks depending on skill and desire. It's also likely that they will commute between Lodi and Creston, depending on the need. 

- You will be trained according to our USDA approved procedures.

- We will hire full time, part time, seasonal, or occasional workers.

- You will report to the manager at each meat plant.


General-Other: Food Services, Food Preparation-Cooking, Janitorial & Cleaning




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