Assistant Director, Administration and Management - Division of Financial Stability - R024102

  • Federal Reserve Board
  • Washington, District of Columbia
  • Jan 04, 2024
Full time Financial

Job Description

1) Reporting to the associate director, the assistant director oversees the activities of the administrative section and is responsible for working closely with the division’s senior leadership team. Provides leadership and support to section chiefs in managing section resources to address the ongoing needs of the division and to assure high-quality completion of section responsibilities and critical work demands. Areas of focus include administration and program management; budget and resource management; communications and employee engagement; and coordination of diversity and inclusion efforts.
2) Oversees division-level initiatives and programs related to human capital, financial management, performance management, logistics, and overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Manages the communication, coordination, and prioritization of those programs to support and inform division staff. Works closely with other divisions in considering practices and policies that effect similar jobs within the economics community or across the Board.
3) Provides leadership, guidance, and direction to a team of professionals in the administration section. This section provides strategic and routine support in the areas of human capital, financial management, procurement, project and program management, performance review and reporting, communications, and other general administrative support.
4) Works closely with the senior leadership team, other officers, and other divisions to guide strategies and initiatives to enhance diversity and inclusion, talent development, employee engagement, performance management and compensation, and other aspects of organizational culture and values.
5) Supports the division’s senior officers by providing information and analysis on administrative topics and policy interpretation and by contributing to the strategic direction of the division and the achievement of its objectives and priorities. Provides intellectual leadership on all operational issues and division management programs.
6) Partners with the senior leadership team and the deputy associate director for technology and data to ensure alignment, integration and communication of initiatives and programs, as needed, to support the needs and responsibilities of the division’s research, analytic, operational, and technical communities.
7) Engage in enterprise-level activities in the areas of expertise, representing the division’s business needs in the formation of Board policies, programs, and strategic discussions.  Build strong working relationships with colleagues in the division and in partner divisions at the Board.  Represent the division, the Board, or the System, on committees or in meetings with other divisions, the Reserve Banks, other agencies, professional conferences, or other outside groups.

The assistant director oversees the activities of the administrative section and is responsible for working closely with the division’s senior leadership team providing leadership and strategic direction to the division.  

The individual is a broad conceptual thinker with a practical orientation and an ability to translate complex concepts into applied advice and practice. The individual has strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent written and oral communications skills, and excellent management and leadership abilities. Much of the work of FS is conducted by teams of staff from other divisions and reserve banks. As a result, it is critical for officers in FS to promote close and effective working relationships among staff working together as a team.  

As an officer in the FS division, the individual will: support the division’s diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives and focus on maximizing the contribution, development, and accountability of all staff in the division; facilitate the strongest contributions of others by distributing authority, responsibility, and decision-making widely, providing feedback, and encouraging initiative and creativity; create a work environment in which it is safe to speak, and everyone’s voice is heard, and in which every employee is being valued, without bias, preference, or prejudice; ensure that the staff’s work is aligned with our principals, priorities and the division’s strategic objectives, including those related to diversity, equity and inclusion; explain to staff how their work fits into the bigger picture.

Employment is also contingent upon meeting the Board’s requirements for accessing information relevant to the job and the completion and satisfactory adjudication of relevant background investigations.

This position is located in Washington DC. Employees are expected to spend a minimum of 2 days per week onsite, subject to change. Relocation assistance is available. Some travel within the United States might be required.

1) Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience in communications, economics, finance, business management, public administration, human resources, organizational leadership and development, or a related field. Advanced degree preferred.
2) Substantial knowledge of policies, procedures, and processes in the areas of human resources, administration, and financial management. In particular, the candidate should have a minimum of 8 years of professional experience and a proven track record in some or all of the following areas at the Board or similar organization:
• Administration and operations
• Human resource management, including recruiting and retention strategy, performance management, and professional development
• Financial management, including budget execution and forecasting
• Strategic communications
3) Two or more years leading people, including setting development strategy, establishing aligned performance expectations, and providing clear and actionable feedback.
4) Strategic thinker with demonstrated strong project execution and project management capabilities, analytical skills, political savvy, and conflict mediation skills.
5) Demonstrated experience and commitment to fostering collaboration and employee engagement.
6) Ability to lead and manage staff and projects effectively, set priorities, assess performance, guide staff development and make budgetary recommendations.
7) Ability to balance competing interests among a variety of clients and readily readjust priorities to respond to pressing and changing client demands. Must be able to anticipate and meet the clients’ needs while maintaining high-quality end products.  
8) Exceptional organizational savvy and agility as demonstrated by ability to manage across organizational boundaries, building high performing teams, diminishing organizational silos, strengthening teams, and facilitating effective group and team dynamics
9) Requires the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with all levels of staff and management.

1) Acts as responsible steward to the function(s), Division, and Board by demonstrating proficiency in the Board’s espoused competencies.
2) Balances and mitigates key organizational and functional risks where appropriate, and develops and executes sustainable risk mitigation strategies.
3) Fosters a continuous learning culture.
4) Exercises appropriate judgement and decision-making in complex situations.
5) Demonstrates innovation and thought leadership relevant to future-state organizational and functional people strategies.
6) Demonstrates strong leadership and management skills aligned to the Board’s espoused values.
7) Keeps skills and knowledge current and aligned to best practices relative to key rules, regulations, and policies, as well as economic, political, and social trends that affect the organization. Understands near-term and long-term needs for the organization and determines how operations should be positioned to meet such needs.
8) Demonstrates proficiency in political savvy, organizational savvy, and interpersonal communication skills.

1) Decision Quality:  Makes timely, thoughtful, strategic decisions
2) Learning Agility:  Takes responsibility for building organizational agility
3) Drive for Excellence:  Delivers results by developing shared vision and direction for the organization
4) Perspective and Strategic Agility:  Leads and acts with the future in mind
5) Collaborative Relationships:  Sets the tone for collaborative organization
6) Effective Communication:  Effectively speaks and acts on behalf of the Board

1) Has frequent contact with members of the Board, both in discussions and through memoranda, regarding matters pertaining to area(s) of responsibility.
2) Has frequent contact with senior staff and other professionals in the division, elsewhere at the Board, and the Reserve Banks regarding matters pertaining to area(s) of responsibility.
3) Has regular contact with all staff in the function(s) to stay connected to the pulse of the division, provide leadership, and act as a role model.
4) Has frequent contact with individuals from other federal agencies, international organizations, and in the private sector regarding the subject matters in area(s) of responsibilities.

1) Provides guidance, coaching, and feedback to, and conducts performance reviews for managers and other direct reports, and ensures same is provided to all function staff.
2) Responsible for accomplishing approved program objectives for area(s) of responsibility within the financial and staffing resources allocated by the Board and the division's senior management.
3) Participates in the development of the division’s strategic plan, goals, and budget. Recommends program objectives and their priorities for area(s) of responsibility.
4) Recommends personnel actions involving promotions, reclassifications, merit increases, and reassignments or separations in area(s) of responsibility.

1) Ability to exercise independent and sound judgment in establishing objectives for assigned area(s) of responsibility that provide support and services for the division’s and Board’s missions.  
2) Ability to translate customer service and organizational development theories and best practices into effective strategies for adoption in area(s) of responsibility to achieve and maintain high levels of customer service.
3) Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, to the Board and individual members thereof, senior Board staff, other Board and Reserve Bank staff: and staff at other government agencies and in the private sector on complex and technical matters.
4) Ability to be an effective spokesperson and advocate for the Board and the division in outside contacts, which may involve significant business dealings.
5) Ability to operate under pressure to meet deadlines accurately and in a timely manner.